Limestone Tile Flooring

Polished, honed or brushed limestone flooring tiles in Phoenix, AZ

Limestone, also known as “carbonate rock,” is one of the sturdiest natural stones used for flooring today, which is why Phoenix home and business owners trust it so much. Limestone is less porous than other materials and offers a stunning, low-maintenance flooring solution that makes it popular for home renovation and remodeling projects. Homeowners love that it has a temperature-free nature, which makes it equally pleasant to walk on in either the winter or summer. Limestone is easy to clean in addition to being naturally mold- and bacteria-resistant, especially when sealed. This is a great option for anyone who wants a comfortable surface that contributes effortless beauty to their home.


Choose from a variety of limestone flooring tile finishes to customize the look of your order. Whether you prefer polished, honed or brushed limestone, Mexi-Tile offers beautiful stone tiles for your home project. With our team on your side, it’s easy to achieve a whole new look that will transform any interior. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our showroom or get a quote on your next order.